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Project Description

BH_Exterior_Photo_2-12BH_Photo-71The Ballard House Project, Inc., 1420 7th Avenue, North, Birmingham, Alabama 35203

The Ballard House Project, Inc. (BH Project), seeks to preserve Birmingham’s African-American historic legacy and places. The organization hosts workshops, exhibits, and special events that educate children and adults while promoting awareness, dialogue, and a diverse community connection to its heritage and culture. Creating a cultural space & gardens with programming that honors the history of Birmingham’s African-American community from the early 1900’s, it strives to educate and inspire, enhance community identity, enrich dialogue and understanding, bridge areas of discord, and contribute to the cultural economy of Birmingham.

The Ballard House Project, Inc. Purpose
A proposed City of Birmingham partnership will support the following purpose and goals:
Our ultimate purpose is to demonstrate how critical the knowledge of African-American history is to all and that the ties that bind us universally, through family and community, are much more powerful that those that separate us. Our community of adults and children should know more about the past to understand the present and future.

Primary Goals of the BH Project:
1. Complete the renovation of the final phases of the historic structure with an updated twist, providing a valuable look into the past, while educating audiences with culturally
enriching programs;
2. Gather and exhibit information and oral histories focusing on people, civic organizations, social clubs, and businesses of color across Birmingham;
3. Research and produce cultural, historical, and educational initiatives for children and adults and special events that empower Birmingham with knowledge and inspiration;
4. Establish a prize winning, sustainable flower & vegetable community garden from the 1930’s-’50’s that reflects the skill of Birmingham cultivators of the earth and providers for their families.

Community Significance
The Ballard House, once again, serves as a modern-day cultural space for the community, connecting historical threads that weave a tapestry of good works and a rich legacy in Birmingham.  This building and sustainable garden is becoming the gathering spot for workshops, exhibits, and events on art, history, culture, service, philanthropy, and present-day community issues.  The group has developed an architectural master plan for the site with the assistance of Barrett Architecture, Birmingham, AL and are close to completing the the gardens master plan, designed by JPA of Memphis, TN.

According to Board Member Herschell Hamilton, “The redevelopment of this structure will assist in stimulating other projects in the area. We believe that this restoration will serve as a catalyst to spur additional new projects and developments in the Civil Rights District that could be enjoyed by metropolitan area residents and hundreds of thousands of visitors and tourists who come to the Civil Rights District every year.”